I continued playing with the camera a bit yes...

January 18, 2004 by Adam in NWN1

I continued playing with the camera a bit yesterday, trying to get the hang of things. I think I'll look through Gestalt's scripts as well to compare the two. There's a few things that Gestalt's seems better at. I also added some dialog for a familiar face. Demon has sort of turned into a "This is Your Life" module, bringing back a fair number of people from Shadowlords and Dreamcatcher.

All the module of the year voting has made me want to actually play some of the top rated modules. I tried Twilight again from the beginning, but ran into some problems with the Time Trial. I don't think I'm doing the cheat quite right, so I'm going to make my nephew do them again for me. When I left off, I really started to get into it, so I'd like to start up again. Some of the henchmen control inspired me to fiddle with similar systems in Demon.

I instead downloaded elegia eternum and played through it. I've been wanting to see some of Stefan's work and it was a nice little introduction. Very story-focused and moody, there were some nice elements in it. I really liked the voice acting, which adds an extra flavor to things. My son got a little creeped out, though, so I'll probably have to play the sequel solo.

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