I came to a very odd place in the development...

January 17, 2004 by Adam in NWN1

I came to a very odd place in the development yesterday. I ran out of important things to do. That's not entirely true, but I think I have most of the big things done. I worked on Chen Village yesterday, getting the disguise kit scripting in there. I even started in on things like flavor text and henchmen comments. Before anyone gets too excited, most of the stuff I've written hasn't been tested, not even once. I need to do some serious bug testing, which can often take several times as long as writing the code. No need for external testers yet, either. I just need to hunker down and run through some areas.

I spent a little time with custom content this morning, cleaning up some "sparklies" that were plaguing the Plane of Air tileset. When there are small gaps between meshes, you can see through to the fog below. This ends up creating sparkling lines. Should be fixed now, which was bugging me for a long while.

This morning I started playing with the new camera controls. All of the existing camera movement controls use Gestalt's scripts, which are flexible but have some problems. I'm seriously thinking of switching over, though I've got some learning to do.

Finally, it's looking that Dreamcatcher is going to win Module of the Year. It reminds me once again that the modules are what they are due to folks like Danmar, CODI, Gestalt, Lisa, Eligio, and countless others in the community. Thanks all.

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