Happy New Year! It's snowing here in our nor...

January 01, 2004 by Adam in NWN1

Happy New Year! It's snowing here in our normally warm valley, so I'm going to take the boy down to the local part for some sledding fun.

I got a fair amount done yesterday, mostly dialog and a little scripting. I'm working on the climax for the module, which is a bit on the chatty side. My to do list is still formidable, but hopefully I can get through it over the next month, giving me plenty of time to fix all the bugs that I'm sure lurk in the game.

My testers earned their keep yesterday. A key creature in Dreamcatcher 4 was messed up in the hak pack, so I've gone ahead and fixed it. Hopefully I can get them released soon for all your HotU people. Eventually I'd like to go back and do a big bug fix pass for Shadowlords and Dreamcatcher, though it's a bit of a major undertaking.

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